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East Africa Recovery Experts offers the most secure and fastest data recovery on NAS Storages. Whether the NAS contains file shares, volume LUNs, or iSCSI LUNs, East Africa Recovery Experts’ engineers understand how data on these systems is stored and how to restore critical data when it is no longer accessible.

Because NAS devices are constructed with unique components and configurations depending on the manufacturer, it is imperative that data recovery engineers have in-depth knowledge of the various structures, hardware, file systems and operating systems.

Examples of NAS Storage

NAS Data Recovery kenya

Immediate Data Recovery Help

East Africa Recovery Experts offers consultancy on phone or email to:

  • Confirm your hardware, configuration, virtualisation software and backup procedure.
  • Assess the data loss situation and possible failure points.
  • Provide tips to prevent further data loss.
  • Assess the possibility of a Remote Data Recovery.
  • Advise on preparations for an In Lab Data Recovery.

Causes of Data Loss on NAS Storages

Although NAS devices have improved in their reliability, certain vulnerabilities can still block access to the storage device or damage the information within. The following are the most common ways in which data loss can occur on NAS systems:

  • Mechanical Failures
  • Multiple drive failures
  • Electrical Damage
  • Controller failure
  • Logical failures
  • Raid Failure
  • Natural Disasters

Common NAS Manufacturers that we can recover.

  • Adaptec
  • Apple
  • Buffalo
  • NetGear
  • Dell
  • Synology
  • EMC
  • Western Digital
  • HP
  • IBM
  • Iomega
  • Lacie
  • Seagate’s BlackArmor

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